Southland Drilling Co. Ltd


Southland Drilling Services

  • Solid & hollow stem auger drilling
  • Air Rotary Drilling (also known as ODEX)
  • Mud Rotary Drilling 
  • Well decommissioning 
  • Soil Vapour Probe Instillation
  • Sub-slab Vapour probe insulation
  • Installations:
    • Monitoring well (2” & 1” PVC)
    • Soil Vapour Probes
    • Slope Inclinometers
    • Pneumatic Piezometers
    • Settlement Gauges
  • DCPT (Drop-off Cone Penetration Test)
  • CPT (Electronic Cone Pushing)
  • SPT (Split Spoon Testing)
  • Sheer Vane testing
  • Shelby Tube sampling


Dynamic Cone Penetration Test also known as a DCPT is a way to provide measure of a materials in-situ resistance to penetration. The test is preformed by the drop hammer; it drives the metal rods attached to the cone into the ground by striking them repeatedly. The penetration of the cone is measured after each blow. 

Piston Sampler

This 5” ID sampler takes an undisturbed sample of underling soft soil or clay materials.  You are left with an undisturbed sample of 5” x 24”.

The piston sampler tube is forced out with water pressure, maximum pressure is 600PSI.

No roll and rolled end sample tubes are available. 

Shelby tubes are similar to a piston sample, what makes the piston sampler superior is that the sample is held in place by suction resulting in better sample capture. 


The cone penetration test (CPT) is a method used to determine the geotechnical properties of soil. An electronic cone is attached to rods driven into the ground until it reaches a hard layer; data is collected by and interpreted by an engineer. 

Split Spoon Testing

Also known as SPT, this method you count blows as well as receive and undisturbed soil sample. The rig utilizes hollow stem augers to the desired depth and then SPT is then driven in using the drop hammer. We offer two sizes of spoons, 2.5ft & 5ft. 

Shelby Tube

Shelby tube samplers are thin-walled, hollow steel tubes. The tubes are driven into the ground to extract a soil sample for use in laboratory tests used to determine density, permeability, compressibility and strength.

Sheer Vane Testing

Large and small vanes available.

Solid and Hollow Stem Augers

Solid Stem Augers: 6” diameter (5’ lengths)

Hollow Stem Augers: 7-5/8” diameter (5’ lengths)

Monitoring wells 

We stock:

  • 2” & 1” PVC for monitoring wells. 
  • 6” steel Vapour probe 
  • Sub Slab Vapour Probes