Southland Drilling Co. Ltd


About Southland Drilling

Southland has an impressive fleet of drills that can reach diverse landscapes such as small urban situations, craned into excavations and rugged forest sites.Southland has five licensed drillers on-staff, most have over 20 years experience.  

We want to be prepared before we come to your site. If you have a limited access site, indoor or any difficult site we are always available for a site visit. We will help you determine what the most safe and effective solution is. 

Gary Yeo – Owner – Driller

Gary entered the drilling field when he started working with SDS Drilling in 1982. Gary worked a driller on auger drills as well as a Becker Hammer. He has drilled in many different places including BC to NWT to Yukon & Alaska. He also had two trips to Africa to drill water wells. 

Gary left SDS in 1992 and with a partner he established his own drilling company that focusing on urban drilling with a truck mounted auger drills and expanded the fleet every year. 

In 2016 Southland Drilling was formed and Gary branched out on his own and formed Southland drilling, based on his reputation and work ethic it has been flourishing ever since. Gary is still actively drilling and is routinely called upon by his peers for advice on tough situations, experience like his is invaluable.